We’re your resource for crisis response.

Our training prepares your team. When tragedy strikes, our materials guide you through the response, beginning through follow-up.


Your team can’t perform at its best unless you have the specific knowledge and skill to know when to say “yes!” Your counselors can’t do it all, and the range of organizational options need wise consideration. Take time to peruse the wide range of resources CMI has to offer.

Our video series for administrators is succinct, targeted and practical. This series is your foundation for effective responses.


We can’t do it alone, no matter how good we are! Our Flight Team training is both foundational knowledge and skill-building with organizational strategies to strengthen your responses.

Training options for buildings, districts or regions create a network of ongoing support. You are not alone!


School Staff

Crisis teams can help in the moment, but so much of recovering from crisis continues long after the team is gone. Resources from CMI give you guidelines for handling student belongings, for reading announcements, and so much more. Gain insights, strategies to feel more confident getting through crises.

The All Staff Preparedness Video Series is just one resource that will provide information, insight and inspiration.


Our research-based Social Emotional Learning (SEL) solution provides fully scripted, simple-to-implement daily activities for the K12 classroom.

Covid-Specific Support.

The pandemic has brought many challenges. As our collective recovery continues, SEL and trauma-informed practices become even more critical.

School Counselors

Explore resources and receive support for student and staff SEL needs.

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Learn how to have conversations with your children about anxiety and explore the resources for at-home learning and activities.

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Covid has created social-emotional needs for both your staff and your students.

Develop a Distance Learning Crisis Response Plan